ESAB Corporation Acquires Therapy Equipment Ltd.

North Bethesda, MD, March 7, 2023 – ESAB Corporation (NYSE: ESAB), a world leader in fabrication and gas control technology, announced today that it has acquired Therapy Equipment Ltd. The acquisition strengthens the company’s leading global gas control equipment portfolio and represents the third acquisition for the corporation.

“We are excited to welcome Therapy Equipment into our gas control portfolio, capitalizing on innovation for healthcare providers and patients around the world,” said Piyush Sheth, Vice President and General Manager, Gas Control Equipment. “Together with GCE, Ohio Medical, and Therapy Equipment, ESAB Corporation has an unmatched global healthcare offering, driving consistency across the industry.”

About Therapy Equipment Ltd

Founded in 1983, Therapy Equipment Ltd. is a regional leader in the United Kingdom in the medical gas control market for suction and oxygen therapies. The business holds strong market leadership across the United Kingdom and the portfolio includes trusted suction equipment, flowmeters, and medical regulators used in healthcare facilities across the region. The product lines are UKCA and CE marked and the business is ISO 13485:2016 certified.

“We are thrilled to join the ESAB Corporation gas control portfolio with our expertise in suction and oxygen therapy equipment.” said Jaspal Singh, Managing Director, Therapy Equipment. “Customers across Europe can already benefit from our new position with increased product offerings across the gas control chain in hospital and emergency product solutions.

Therapy Equipment is headquartered in England and employs approximately 30 associates. Together with GCE, GasArc, Ohio Medical, and Victor, the acquisition of Therapy Equipment Ltd. further positions ESAB Corporation as a leading global gas control company with supplier-of-choice brands across the world for the industrial, medical, and specialty gas industries.

About ESAB Corporation

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